Virtual reality HEATER 3D model

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Water fan heaters

HEATER CONDENS is groundbreaking solution on European market of the water fan heaters. New casing shape , louvers with an airplane wing profile, closed structure, replaceable front stripes – three colors for free.

High-performance parameters

HEATER CONDENS units like a racing car are synonymous with the highest quality, advanced technology, and speed of operation. The device uses a high-performance fan with built-in three-stage speed control, which in combination with a high-quality water heater exchanger gives an optimal range of parameters.


High-performance parameters – air output 5700m3/h, heat output range 5-120 kW


A solution creating new trends in the field of Intelligent buildings.


The panel is dedicated to control in particular the HEATER CONDENS water heaters and GUARD air curtain series. It is also possible to control the APEN GROUP Gas Heaters and GUARD PRO air curtains via the Intelligent WI-FI panel.

Technical documentation