SONNIGER - Proud Member of the Eurovent Group

The Eurovent Group is a prestigious international association bringing together companies from HVAC sector, is recognized as an authority in standardization, innovation, and sustainable development in the industry. Membership in the Eurovent Group underscores SONNIGER's commitment to quality and professionalism.


As an Eurovent member, SONNIGER gains access to cutting-edge information, research, and technologies, enhancing our ability to adopt industry best practices and drive innovation. Our R&D department benefits from expansive knowledge resources, facilitating the design and development of superior solutions that align with the latest industry trends and innovations.

Beyond the technical advantages, membership in the Eurovent Group also expands our networking opportunities. It allows us to forge new business relationships, exchange insights with other industry leaders, and actively contribute to the future direction of our sector. Collaborating within the Eurovent framework, SONNIGER helps shape industry standards and regulations, influencing both market development and standardization. 

SONNIGER is present in 55 countries!
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Compact Plug&Play Air Curtain
Smart air conditioning from SONNIGER
Comfort at your fingertips with SONNIGER premium air conditioning!
EC fans in SONNIGER units!
EC technology is an intelligent and advanced control technology for electric motors.
HEATER CONDENS water heaters dedicated to heat pumps.
The design of HEATER CONDENS water heaters enables them to work with heat pumps, which makes them applicable to modern heating systems.
SONNIGER water heaters in a sports hall in Prizren, Kosovo
Comfortable playing in all conditions. Our HEATER CONDENS water heaters were installed in a sports hall in Kosovo, where international events are held.