Simplicity of choice with premium quality

The number of available air conditioner options can be overwhelming.

SONNIGER simplifies the choice by offering air conditioners with a full set of premium features - you only need to choose the power of the device!

This makes the selection easy, and you can focus on comfort.


What distinguishes our air conditioners?

  • Advanced health features:
    • A 4-in-1 filter that combines silver ions, activated carbon, catechin filter, and vitamin C, eliminating microorganisms and refreshing the air.
    • Gold-plated heat exchanger elements provide long-lasting corrosion protection.
  • Intelligent airflow
  • Mobile app control:
    • Control from anywhere: Manage your air conditioning from anywhere with the SmartLife app.
    • iFeel function: An additional sensor in the remote control precisely adjusts the temperature and airflow strength.
    • Energy-efficient cooling and heating: Maximum energy savings while maintaining comfort.


See our air conditioners in action!

Watch our new video to see all the advantages of our air conditioners:


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