We are starting a new series of #SonnigerForDesigners posts

We are starting a new series of #SonnigerForDesigners posts, which will be dedicated to supporting sanitary designers. If you are interested in technical issues related to water heaters, gas heaters and air curtains, this series is for you! 


 What can you expect?

- Practical tips for selecting and installing water and gas heaters. 

- Tips on the effective use of air curtains. 

- Analysis of various technical solutions and comparison of their advantages and disadvantages. 

- Discussions of our dwg, rfa files and documentation.  

We will strive to dispel any doubts and answer your questions related to these topics. Our goal is to provide comprehensive knowledge to help you in your design work. 


Don't miss our posts! We're starting today, so stay tuned.

EC fans in SONNIGER units!
EC technology is an intelligent and advanced control technology for electric motors.
HEATER CONDENS water heaters dedicated to heat pumps.
The design of HEATER CONDENS water heaters enables them to work with heat pumps, which makes them applicable to modern heating systems.
SONNIGER water heaters in a sports hall in Prizren, Kosovo
Comfortable playing in all conditions. Our HEATER CONDENS water heaters were installed in a sports hall in Kosovo, where international events are held.
Meet the GUARD ONE air curtain from SONNIGER.
The air curtain is based on the latest technology, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability, and its extremely quiet operation provides a pleasant experience for customers and employees.
For  the upcoming Easter, we wish you peaceful and joyful moments, rest in a family atmosphere 
and a lot of prosperity in your private and professional life!
SONNIGER at the international trade fair MCE Milano 2024
Another successful trade fair event is behind us!