The stringent requirements challenge HVAC manufacturers in terms of device design and modern unit control.

The INTELLIGENT WIFI automation implemented by SONNIGER is a real revolution that sets new trends on the market in the field of intelligent buildings.


-Mobile Application control – allows you to control your devices from anywhere in the world,

-Possibility to group devices,

-Connection to BMS system,

-Energy-efficient fan modulation function.


Even though the Panel INTELLIGENT WIFI is dedicated to control mainly HEATER CONDENS water heaters and GUARD air curtains, it is also possible to couple it with APEN gas heaters and GUARD PRO industrial curtains.

Ho ho ho!
It`s December, the days are getting shorter and colder, but now young athletes from Qumple and TrzepaQ - Active Place will always find a warm place in their hall.
Recently, device manufacturers in various industries have been emphasizing the effectiveness of their products, which perfectly harmonizes with their simple design and ease of use.
As Sonniger, we also follow this concept!