LZS Dragon Bojano at the top of the league table!

After the seventh round, despite one game overdue, the team sponsored by us takes the third place in the league and is only two points behind the leader!


This year's  1 Polish Futsal League, the north group for Dragons, is particularly successful! 4 won matches, a series of three wins in a row and good prospects allow us to be optimistic about the future and aim for the Leader's place.

Another match is coming soon!

Ho ho ho!
It`s December, the days are getting shorter and colder, but now young athletes from Qumple and TrzepaQ - Active Place will always find a warm place in their hall.
Recently, device manufacturers in various industries have been emphasizing the effectiveness of their products, which perfectly harmonizes with their simple design and ease of use.
As Sonniger, we also follow this concept!