Ho ho ho!

Santa Claus in his orange jacket came to Gdańsk to check if APEN gas heaters are operational and ready to work!

When the weather is unfavorable, the motivation for any physical activity leaves much to be desired. Young athletes from Qumple don't have to worry about it anymore. From now on, their daily sports struggles will be watched by an additional two fans, encouraging these young people to develop their talents!

Thanks also to our Service Partner  - Supportech! Thanks to them, we`ve quickly and efficiently completed the first start-up service.

Designer support at every stage of cooperation!
Finalizing the investment is basically the goal of every manufacturer that offers its solutions and strives for final implementation. However, no investment would take place without a prior design.
Every year, companies operating in the heating industry face the so-called “seasonality”.
This is the time when the amount of work and number of devices sold, reaches huge values.