Every year, companies operating in the heating industry face the so-called “seasonality”.

SONNIGER, as a company that has been operating on the market for years, faces the challenge of meeting your expectations in terms of product availability and, in this intense period, efficient order fulfillment. 

Thanks to modern procedures in the field of production, storage and the logistics process itself, within the full range of the offered assortment, we can provide:

  • maintaining the most attractive prices in the industry;
  • online availability of the devices from the warehouse shelf
  • quick deliveries
Designer support at every stage of cooperation!
Finalizing the investment is basically the goal of every manufacturer that offers its solutions and strives for final implementation. However, no investment would take place without a prior design.
Ho ho ho!
It`s December, the days are getting shorter and colder, but now young athletes from Qumple and TrzepaQ - Active Place will always find a warm place in their hall.